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Provisioning Hotel Phones

This document is for the vtech hotel phone model (Tested on version 66.0.4): CTM-S2211, A1100, A1210, A1311, A2100, A2110, CTM-S2411, CTM-S241P

Connect the phone to the LAN via PoE LAN cable

  • Open the back of the phone, and find the "LAN" ethernet port.
  • Plugin a PoE (Power on ethernet) cable into the slot as shown here
  • The phone should take less than 2 minutes to come up, once it does the "In use" light should be solid red (at this point).

The default password for logging into these phone should be Username: root Password: admin_123

Steps to get the phones provisioned (from Unboxing them to, up and running in the room)

  1. Prerequisites that are needed for making these phones provision with the Vodia PBX are mentioned here .
  2. Once the phones are provisioned, now you can start assigning buttons to them. For that you can just create a template under Domain> Advanced> Buttonsas shown below.

httpsdocvodiacomsitesdefaultfilesinline-images1201.png 3. Now go ahead and assign the buttons to this template as shown below (for the phones that have buttons ).httpsdocvodiacomsitesdefaultfilesinline-images1261.png 4. Go to Extensions> Buttons. If this is the selected (shown as a "***** " next to the template) button template (if you have multiple templates for the same phone model), then it will automatically assign it to the phone and will populate as shown (without you having to selecting it manually from the drop down option of "Use Template").httpsdocvodiacomsitesdefaultfilesinline-images1231.png 5. Dial plan for calling out: Navigate to Domain > Trunks > Dial Plans.

  • Room to room call : Just dial the extension number (3 or 4 digit according to your dial plan scheme you selected earlier) to reach other extensions

  • Local or Long distance Calls: Just dial the 10 digit number (with or without the country code) to reach it for e.g 617-446-1399.

  • Emergency Number: Just dial 0 and it should connect you to 911. Multiple other prefixes can be set if the emergency number is different from 911. Your dial plan should look like thishttpsdocvodiacomsitesdefaultfilesinline-images1251.png