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Telecom Behnke

Supported Features

Vodia PBX supports provisioning Behnke doorphones.

When using the automatic provisioning, some of the supported features are:

  • Basic call
  • Buttons setup for dialing different extensions

Factory Default the device

To reset the device, you can enter it's WUI (default password: admin) and under System, you can reset the device under "Configuration".


When provisioning the device, you should first set the required settings on the PBX as shown in provisioning document Steps Before Provisioning.

It is important to note in the document "Steps Before Provisioning", how to map the MAC address of the device to the PBX extension under the PBX tenant menu: Settings->Advanced->Device Management. Make sure it is assigned to an extension.

Steps to be carried out on the device WUI for manually setting the provisioning server URL

  • Log into the web interface of the device (default password: admin) and navigate to "System"
  • Set Provisioning to your option, say "at starting"
  • A new setting URL should appear
  • Put in the URL of your PBX, say "https://YOURPBXURL"
  • Press SAVE

Obtaining the provisioning server URL through DHCP

The auto-provisioning URL can be ontained automatically through DHCP option 66 or DHCP option 43.

Showing the video from the device to your VoIP phone or some other device

Showing video through motion jpeg does not involve the PBX. You can basically set your VoIP phone or some other device to show the video from the door phone by setting up the URL (usually through an XML browser). The URL of this door phone can be obtained in the device WUI's Camera section URL for setting. Select video stream button to see the URL.