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Welcome! Thank you for visiting the Vodia Documentation Page! Here you will find a vast wealth of knowledge that certainly will help you on your journey to setting up and maintaining a Vodia PBX system. Of course, if you need more help or if you have specific questions that are not answered by our documentation knowledge base, please feel free to reach out to our support team.

Our documentation is pretty easy to use. First, you can search in the search bar for certain terms that are pertinent to the issue you are having or information you are searching for. You can click to expand the menu on the left as well in order to navigate through our menu hierarchy.

If you’d like to see if others have had problems similar to yours, and what their solutions were, you can always find even more information on our forum. Feel free to visit forum.vodia.com or our blog at blog.vodia.com.

This documentation is built to guide you through the set up process in the most efficient and logical way. Of course, it starts with downloading our software and installing it on your system. This is followed by the most basic set-up instructions for extensions and then slowly introduced are the more advanced and nuanced features of the Vodia PBX.

You are always more than welcome to place a support ticket with us at support.vodia.com.


MS Teams

Microsoft Teams ® and Vodia package offers an unprecedented feature set for office communication. Learn More...


Vodia Apps

The Vodia PBX takes advantage of that and turns mobile phones, laptops, tablets and PC into VoIP clients that employees can use for their everyday communication needs.







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