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The Vodia PBX has grown for more than ten years into a complex tool that offers a lot of features, but also requires the know-how on how to run it. On this documentation portal you can find information on how to configure and operate the Vodia PBX. On the left side of the page, you can find the documentation structure. Although we also support mobile devices, the documentation layout is most useful on large screen devices.

In addition to this web page, there are additional documentation and support resources available:

  • Forum. You are welcome to participate in the interactive forum at This is a public question/answer forum sorted by topics, where you may search for similar questions that you might have or raise new questions. The forum is searchable, so that you might find the answer to your question without having to wait for someone to respond.
  • Ticket. If you like to open an individual trouble ticket, please visit Individual tickets can be useful if you need someone to log in to your PBX, take a look and potentially fix the problem for you.

If you find errors or missing pieces in the documentation, or you think that certain parts of the documentation need to be improved, please open a ticket with us and be as specific as possible. It can be hard to document software with a look from the inside. We appreciate feedback that helps us to improve the customer experience.

Obtaining a License

If you have downloaded and installed the software, you need to get a license from Vodia in order to do something useful with the PBX.

Free demo license. You are welcome to get a free demo license that can handle up to five extensions and two simultaneous calls. For this you have to register an account with, go to our online license portal, put a "free" license into the cart and go through the checkout process.

Hosted PBX demo. If you are interested in hosting the PBX, please contact us and we will give you a license that contains all features for testing. For this you will typically need a server that runs on a routable, e.g. public IP address that is fully connected to the Internet.

More information can be found on the license page.


For certain topics we have recorded videos that show how to use the PBX. Documentation that contain videos are tagged with a YouTube logo youtube Image removed. next to their link. If you feel that we need to address specific other topics, please feel free to let us know what you would like to see.