• 30 Jan 2023
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Article Summary

Integrate Shiji with Vodia

Shiji is a PMS system that has http based API and webhooks for communication with a phone system like Vodia.

Setup on Vodia

On your vodia system go to the Tenant or if you are a Tenant admin, you should already be in your tenant. On the left side menu, under Advanced, click on Hospitality. On the "General" tab of the "Hospitality Settings":

  • Set the "Protocol Type" to Shiji from the dropdown.

  • Set "URL prefix for receiving messages" to a token like value e.g. dsrt342udfac21fa. This will be used to allow and identify packets coming from Shiji webhooks. You will have to put this value into Shiji webhooks along with the PBX url to allow communication from Shiji to Vodia.

  • Set the "Settings" according the values provided by Shiji. They will be used for authentication to Shiji to allow API communication from Vodia to Shiji. These values are in JSON format as shown below:
    The values in capital are to be replaced with what you get from Shiji for a particular property like a hotel. The transaction code is for posting telephone call charges.
    {"username":"company.api@something","client_id":"","client_secret":"somesecret","property_id":"12345678-abcd-abcd-12ab-123456789abc","transaction_code":"1234-01", cashier_number:52}

  • Set the "Password" as given to you by Shiji.

  • Set the rest of the settings per your preference or leave them as default. They are not related to Shiji but whether you want to send Shiji or another PMS system certain things like call charges, maid code or DND status.

  • Save.

Setup on Shiji

On Shiji webfront you will have to login. This login and password is for the frontend and is different than the API password mentioned above. Shiji will also provide this after setting up an account for you.
In Shiji web portal:

  • First you will have to create a Vodia (by any label) vendor integration for a particular property. It has been explained in Shiji documents and also may require their admin assistance.

  • Once that is created, you should be able to see it under Vendor Integration list. Click on "Integrations" from the top menu, you should see Webhook Management, click on it.

  • You should be able to see your integration by the name you gave it.

  • Click on the three dots in front of it and "Edit".

  • On the "Subscription Details" page, leave every thing as is, you just have to add a new Webhook Group. Click on the "Add" buttons in front of the "Webhook Groups".

  • Give it any "Custom Name" like Checkin, and some "Description" for your benefit.

  • In the dropdown "List of Webhooks" select:
    This is the webhook for room check in, check out, room move etc.

  • In the "URL", give the Vodia PBX https url that is publicly reachable, followed by the token that you had set up in Vodia PBX above in the setting "URL prefix for receiving messages". For example: https://PBX_DOMAIN_NAME/dsrt342udfac21fa.

  • If you are using https, make sure the domain certificate is valid.

  • Press "Save".

  • It should appear in the "Webhook Groups".

  • Make sure to press another "Save" button at the bottom right on the page.

  • That should take to back to the "Vendor Integration" page.

  • Make sure the radio button in front of your integration is set to on. If not, set it to on.

  • Now you can go back to the main menu by clicking on "Main Application"->"Dashboard" in the top menu.

What it will do

Since there is a two way communication setup now between the phone system and the property management system, they can inform each other of relavant information to automate the process and not have to handle both systems separately.
For example:

  • When someone at the front desk at the hotel, checks in a guest in a room in the hotel, Vodia will be informed through the webhook and will setup the phone extension of that room having the same number as the room. The phone extension in the room will be enabled and setup, showing the guest's name.
  • When a guest is checked out, Vodia will be informed and Vodia clears the phone extension, including name voicemails etc.
  • If a guest is moved to another room, Vodia will be informed by the PMS system and will automatically move the details from the old room phone extension to the new room phone extension, like name, voicemails, DND status, wakeup calls etc.
  • If the guest makes outbound calls, Vodia will post charges of that call to the guest's account on the PMS system according to the Trunk rates set on Vodia.

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