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Plug and Play Files

For the most part, the Vodia PBX takes care of provisioning of the phones with the its default configuration. But in some cases customers want to tweak some of the phone settings for various reasons. This chapter explains different mechanism the system administrator can adopt to achieve that goal.

Many templates contain a general parameter that you can set with additional content that you would like to add to the template. If you can put you own content in those parameters, you don't have to modify the templates. This has great advantages when you upgrade the PBX software, as you will not miss those changes.

If you really have to edit the template make sure that add a comment that will help you later find out what you have changed. This is important if an upgrade makes your changes incompatible. As this can cost a lot of time, it is important that you keep the notes in the comment field to save time figuring out what has changed.