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Shared Address Boook

The domain address book allows users on the same domain to easily call each other and to see who’s calling. Users can search for contacts from either the web interface or from their IP phones. From the address book, contacts can be whitelisted or blacklisted and CMC codes can be added to a contact’s information. Address books can be uploaded to the user's phone.

To add entries manually (admin only):

  1. Click theFeatures tab under the domain, then clickAddress Book.
  2. Enter your information into the Create New Entry form, then clickCreate.
  • Number : The telephone number of the contact. This is not a SIP URI.

  • Speed Dial : You may use a two-digit star code to speed-dial this contact. Note that these star codes cannot overlap with any of the standard star codes.

  • CMC : The CMC identifies the customer in the CDR report and is used to expedite billing in offices that bill their clients for phone calls, such as law offices and other businesses that track time spent with clients. As long as the CMC has been added to the address book and the caller is calling from the phone number that is associated with that CMC, the CMC will automatically appear in the CDR report. The CMC can also be entered directly into the display of the phone (by pressing the CMC soft key) if the person is calling from a number other than the number that is in the address book. (The dial plan can be configured to prompt the caller to enter the CMC code of the person being called.)

  • Contact Type : The Contact Type dropdown allows you to blacklist or whitelist a contact.

Once contacts have been added to the domain address book, their information will be displayed to the user they call.

Using CSV Files

Domain address books can also be created using CSV files