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VoIP phones

To access a list of the VoIP phones that are on the PBX, navigate to the domain, then click Advanced and choose VoIP Phones httpsdocvodiacomsitesdefaultfilesinline-imagesScreenshotfrom2019-05-0810-55-131.png Checking the box next to the MAC address enables the 3 buttons below it, which give you the option to:

Delete the phone from the system

Reset the password for the phone

Edit the vendor and/or model of the phone

Below the buttons, to add and assign a new phone, click on the + sign next to the extension field. This will popup a window where you can choose the extension to be added

httpsdocvodiacomsitesdefaultfilesinline-imagesScreenshotfrom2019-05-0811-13-471.png Once you have chosen the extension, you can put in the MAC address of the phone, and choose the vendor and the model using the drop-down menu

httpsdocvodiacomsitesdefaultfilesinline-imagesScreenshotfrom2019-05-0811-31-1501.png Click on the Add button below "Model" to add that new VoIP phone to the list on top httpsdocvodiacomsitesdefaultfilesinline-imagesScreenshotfrom2019-05-0811-39-441.png