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Vodia Android App

App now available with PBX version 64.0 and above!

To dowload the latest Vodia PBX version follow this link

Link to download the App:


Battery optimization

After downloading the app please follow the following steps:

Kindly note that the app needs to be given permission for "Do not optimize the battery" on your Android 9 cell phone. Steps to do that:

  • Long press on the App.
  • Select "App info"
  • Select "Battery"
  • Select "Optimize battery usage"
  • Select "All" to find Vodia's App in the list and 'Un-select' it so that it doesn't optimize it.

P.S: Without this setting, if you're in a call via Bluetooth, the audio is lost after 6 minutes, once the screen shuts off during the call.