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Making Calls Codes

Redial a Number (*66)

Redial (*66) allows you to redial the last number that was called from your phone.

Call Return (*69)

Call Return (*69) will dial the number of the call that was received last. The number will be available until a call has been established to that number—not necessarily connected, which can help prevent users from calling back the same person twice. (If you execute *69and discontinue the call during its ring state though, *69will not be able to access that number again unless the caller rings again.)


Notes : If you reach an external mailbox, the system will handle the Call Return as if the call had been successfully established and will clear the number. If you reach a mailbox of another extension on the system, the Call Return number will not be cleared and you will be able to make successive attempts at reaching that extension by dialing *69. The system will store a Call Return number only for calls that contain a valid caller-ID.

Telephones that share the same extension number will share the same redial and Call Return number.

Intercom (*90)

The Intercom feature mimics the old secretary-boss intercom systems and can be thought of as a one-part page with two-way audio. Intercom is used to communicate with one other person. The other party must have a separate extension number, as the Intercom feature will not work between two phones that are registered to the same extension. The Intercom feature will also not work when multiple registrations are involved with the receiving extension.

To activate:

  1. Set the user’s Call Permission settings for intercom.
  2. Dial *90and the extension you would like to intercom.
  3. Press the confirm button on the telephone keypad.

You can now begin conversing with the other party.