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How to Use WhatsApp with Vodia PBX:

To get WhatsApp working with Vodia PBX, you need to create an account on the Meta for developer’s platform

These steps will help you get WhatsApp working with the Vodia PBX system.

  1. Create an account on the Meta for developer's platform:
  • Go to the Meta for developer's website and create a new WhatsApp Business account.
  1. Settings on the Vodia PBX side:
  • Log in to Vodia PBX as an administrator.
  • Navigate to "Settings" -> "Messaging" -> "Notifications" and configure settings in the "Text Messaging" section.
  1. Text Messaging Settings:


  • Choose WhatsApp as the service provider.
  • Your username or account will be your “Phone number ID” from the WhatsApp API Setup page. For example: 122495046068001304


  • The application token is a random string that ensures Webhooks verification token. For example: HNeoioRB
  • The application secret is “Access token” from the WhatsApp API Setup page. For example: lwALrDPVlxwkBOyLxamDcS5Uw87ihzQ6NyZAQQgXR34CagPI7u7HE41TUc3gPXXy0SZBt4vRWF8ziZAvvb8essA2x4eEYPfphZC7FZBWTji6Dcl2AnaO2XC5729ZCxSoZACpgJtpJVuIvxy0ENgnmVTIXiZBJ…
  • Address for pulling MMS content:
  • Default ANI for sending SMS messages: Your WhatsApp Business phone number.
  1. Configure the Webhooks settings on the Meta for developer's platform.
  2. Webhooks Settings: