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HubSpot Integration

The integration between the Vodia PBX and Hubspot adds records to contacts after a call is made. If the contact is not found, the PBX can create a new contact.

It is important that telephone numbers in Hubspot are stored in the format that the PBX uses. For US numbers this format is a 10-digit format (for example, 6173998147). This is because telephone numbers need to match exactly in Hubspot.


Vodia PBX version 69 and higher

In the Tenant, under Advanced->CRM Integration, go to HubSpot and press "Get Oauth Token". Enter the credentials and give the PBX access to the HubSpot account. No API key is needed anymore.

HubSpot settings in Tenant

Make sure the user's email address (who is receiving or making the call) is set in Vodia PBX, and his/her account in HubSpot has the same email address for the call to be registered under his email. The API key method can still be used as described below but only with a HubSpot private account.

Vodia PBX version lower than 69

This method now works only with privately created apps in HubSpot. Their new way is through Oauth tokens, which are supported from version 69 onwards, and explained above. In order to connect the PBX with HubSpot, you will need the HubSpot API key. You find this key in the HubSpot Settings under Integrations. The key is in the format ********---**-**********. Copy the key into the web interface of the PBX and select which calls you want to be reported into HubSpot. httpsdocvodiacomsitesdefaultfilesinline-imageshubspot21.png

Creating contacts

The following options are available:

  • None: The system will not create new contacts. If the contact does not exist, no log can be created.
  • For all calls: The system will create a new contact if it can not be found. This will make sure that every call gets logged.
  • Only for inbound calls: The system will log only inbound calls and create contacts when necessary.
  • Only for outbound calls: The system will log only outbound calls and create contacts when necessary.

Only for outbound calls: Hubspot has several kinds of calls. The PBX will attempt to sign a matching call type for each call. There is no support for inbound or outbound call indication in HubSpot; the PBX will generate a text that indicates the direction of the call.