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Cellphone Codes

Feature Codes

The feature codes used in this section are related to cell phone use (*51, *52, or *00) but they cannot be executed from the cell phone.

Retrieve Call From Cell Phone (*51)

This feature allows users to pick up an in-process cell phone call on their extension phone. This feature can be used only for calls that have been made from the cell phone (through the Personal Virtual Assistant) or which have been redirected to the user's cell phone. Calls that have been made directly to the user's cell phone (without involving the system) cannot be picked up on the user's extension phone.


Scenario : You're on your way to the office and you need to call a client, so you call into the system and place an outbound call. You speak with the client on your way to work, and once you arrive at the office, you decide to pick the call up from your office phone.

To transfer a cell phone call to your extension:

  1. From your cell phone, call into the main number of the PBX (your cell phone must be associated with your account).
  2. From the Personal Virtual Assistant menu, press 1 for “outbound call.”
  3. Enter a destination number, then press the # key.
  4. When you're ready to pick the call up from your office phone, dial *51 from the office phone.

Once the call has been connected, your cell phone will disconnect and will no longer accumulate minutes.

Move Current Call to Cell Phone (*52)

This feature allows users to move a current call from the extension phone to the cell phone. (Note : The user's cell phone must be configured to the extension before this feature can be used.)


Scenario : You're on your extension in the middle of a conversation and need to leave the office. Instead of ending the conversation, you put the caller on hold and transfer the call to your cell phone.

To transfer an extension call to your cell phone:

  1. Place the extension call on hold.
  2. Dial *52 from your office phone.
  3. Answer the call on your cell phone.

Call Cell Phone of the Extension (*00)

This feature allows users to call someone else's cell phone without knowing that person's cell phone number. (Note : The individual's cell phone number must be configured as part of the extension that is being called.)


Scenario : You notice that your boss has just left the building when an important call comes in. You have no idea what his cell phone number is, but you must speak with him. You know what his extension number is, so you use the *00star code followed by his extension number. Because the system sees the extension and the cell phone number as being the same, the system is able to ring his cell phone.

To call someone's cell phone without knowing the number:

  1. Dial *00 followed by the person's extension number.
  2. Press the start button from the telephone keypad.

The system will connect you to the individual's cell phone.