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Release Notes 5.4.0

Support for a completely new User Portal, which may be included or delivered separately.

The WAV playback from browser was not working when an encrypted connection was used and when the user directly logged into the user portal.

For the loopback trunks, the dial plan replacement can now contain also the form username@domain. This makes is possible to specifically and easily control into which domains are sent.

Some changes were made in the WebRTC area to make it work with the latest browser updates

Added support for SugarCRM.

There were some problems related to receiving FAX with certain kind of gateways that seem to work better now.

Importing of private keys now accepts both PKCS#1 and PKCS#8.

Added support for HTek SIP phone models.

Added support for VTech conference phone.

Added support for Escene phones.

The Yealink root CA is now accepted for signing end point MAC addresses.

When entering passwords in the web interface, they sometimes caused JavaScript errors and the password quality could not be displayed.

Images can now be SVG. This is useful when companies can supply vector format for logos, which will be resolution independent.

When a SIP trunk changed the SSRC, the CSeq numbers could have a jump in the passthrough mode for RTP.

The subsystem for generating callbacks has been redesigned. This will help improving the reliability in situations when call lets drop and get transferred to other calls while callbacks are still pending.

When the mailbox size is zero, the PBX plays the annoucement instead of the message that the mailbox is full.

MongoDB CDR records contained objects, not arrays for the leg arrays which was not very friendly for writing queries.

CSTA requests may now come from trusted addresses.

Sending IM messages to IP phones was broken and got fixed again.

Added click to dial for hunt groups.

Added voicecloud voice to text translation service interface.

Restoring orbits in domains were dropped if there were no settings in the orbits. Domain backups also were dropiing web page modifications for that domain.

When the PBX sent a CANCEL message to and endpoint and that endpoint crashes after this, the PBX would keep the call open for several hours. This could potentially block agents from receiving calls.

The trunk prefix was not stored when saving from the web interface.

Call recording is always done now into the final directory. This makes it possible to have the recording directory in seperate physical drives through symbolic links.

When calling a FAX DID number the PBX was playing an annoucement that was not suitable.

Domain logos will be shown at the login screen when the hostname matches the domain name.

Conference invitation lists are now formatted all the same way, using space characters.

Simple CDR logging had a problem when the port was closed and could go into an endless loop.

Action URL settings were not saved correctly from the web interface.