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Release Notes 5.1.1

New Features

Text messaging: The PBX now supports text messaging. This feature is for admin purposes only right now. Admin notifications can now be send by email and/or by text messages (SMS). The email templates don’t contain the necessary texts for sending text messages to the yet, but the logic is already available in the code.

Grandstream: Models 1400, 1450 and 2100 have been added to the list of supported devices.

Localization: The French texts have been redone. Incoming calls may now select a specific language depending on the caller-ID, e.g. for processing countries in their preferred language.

Changed Behavior

Provisioning: When an account is provisioned the first time, the PBX now adds temporarily the associated IP address to the whitelist. This avoids annoying blacklisting after the provisioning.

SIP: There is equipment out there that cannot deal with quoted parameters in the digest authentication. The PBX now quotes the parameter only if there is a comma character in the list of supported methods.

Bug Fixes

Admin: The web interface JavaScript was not processing the passwords correctly. This caused problems with changing passwords for the admins. This should be under control now.

DISA: When calling in from the call phone into the private virtual assistant, the PBX was not choosing the right dial plan for an outbound call. The user heard a message like "the system denied the call". This bug may have also caused problems with similar functions, e.g. the calling card.

Buttons: Fixed agent group login/logout led for automatic profiles. Fixed redirection key and its led.

CDR: When sending out the trunk CDR at midnight, the PBX was looking at the start time stamp. That was not exact, as the end time stamp defines which calls should be included in the report.

FAX: When receiving FAX, the PBX was always using the same file name for storing the message in the file system. That caused problems when receiving multiple faxes at the same time. Now the system is using a unique name.