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Release Notes 5.2.1

CSV import: The CSV template was missing in the data file

FAX: When the PBX received a T.38 Re-INVITE, it was sometimes not receiving the FAX properly

Auto Attendant: When the settings was set to “when extension matches” the PBX did not dial the extension is it should

Mini: The writing of the password to the Linux password file was not working for the Vodia mini PBX

Image upload: Banners and background images for the phones can now uploaded through the web interface. This makes customization very simple.

IVR node: If there was a list of actions, the PBX would process only the first one. Also, now it is possible to use the content that has been matched with the regular expression.

Loopback calls: The PBX now accepts also request-URI that do not start with a +. In that case, it uses the domain name and the local name in the domain.