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Release Notes 5.2.4

Trunk routing fix for tel: numbers.

MOH file upload and playing fixed.

CSTA fix including the CSTA browser.

Offer SAVP in SDP for SRTP (for TLS calls).

The changes in the email client in 5.2.3 were causing interoperability issues with some email providers. Those issues have been addressed.

DID management for incoming DID mapping added. Also deal with the outbound DID setting and removal in DID management. Added option to include the DID as outbound DID as well.

A small footer problem fix for the copyright on buttons page.

Added netmask function because it is desastreous if someone adds a blacklisting to the server.

Still problems with #tags in login screen. Fixed.

Make sure that Windows has 1024 sockets in select.

Use onReady to load translations in webpages.

Provision setting to allow Grandstream intercom. Almost all grandstream phones to provision setting to allow intercom.

Single button provisioning for gxp1160. Different types of single touch provisioning for granstream phones, to cover most of them.

Added grandstream gxp1160 for provisioning.

Setting change for Polycom srtp hold/unhold audio fix. Also changes to Polycom BLF display to make it cleaner with a single led blinking.

Fixed problem when AUTH method is LOGIN.

Corrected saving address book settings.

Added conference feature to offer set languages and select one using the options given.

Small translation problem on saving a setting fixed.

Added a call for pulling the ACD wallboard.

Grandstream GXV3240 Provisioning.