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Release Notes 5.2.2

Device Detection: We have added automatic device detection in the LAN that makes the automatic provisioning easier for non-snom devices (Polycom, Cisco/Linksys, Yealink, Grandstream). We also included Patton gateways as the first gateway device.

Extension Logging. The extension logging was introduced recently, but still had some bugs, so that not all changes were visible.

Outbound proxy provisioning. We have added a setting to the domain that supports more flexible way to specify outbound proxies. More information on

Various Website improvements. There were some problems with the JavaScript for displaying recordings and for showing the wallboard when agents were logging in and logging out.

Domain visibility. We have added a flag that can make certain domains inaccessible for regular system administrators. This helps managing global trunks in environments when other administrators should not have access to that.

Empty passwords. We have introduced a flag that tells the PBX weather to accept empty passwords or not. That settings could have the side effect, that incoming calls from trunks were not answered at all. It should be working properly now.

Snom 715. We have added the provisioning of snom 715 phones. The first batch of phones requires a manual software update, though.

Logos. We have added more logo provisioning for more models, e.g. Yealink or Linksys.

MoH. When uploading music on hold in the system administrator mode, the selection of the domain was not working.

ACD ANI. If the ACD has an ANI set, the extension will use it for outbound calls after logging in to that ACD.

Auto Attendant Action. When someone dials an extension in the auto attendant, the system can now perform also other actions instead of calling the extension. For example, it can start call review or hot desking for this account. This makes cryptically star code combinations superfluous.