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There have been cases where some providers do not support RTCP-XR messages. Instead of ignoring them, they just reject the calls. This is not correct, however we are unable to control providers. In such cases, there is a need to turn off the RTCP-XR on the PBX and here is how it is done.

You can turn RTCP-XR off by changing few settings on the pbx.xml file (or from the web interface of the PBX).

The following fields in the pbx.xml file needs to be set to false (some of them are already set to false)

  • "rtcp_loss_rle"
  • "rtcp_dup_rle"
  • "rtcp_rcpt_times"
  • "rtcp_rcvr_rtt"
  • "rtcp_stat_summary"
  • "rtcp_voip_metrics"

After making the changes you have to restart the PBX.

If you do not want to edit the pbx.xml file, then you can change them from the pbx web interface.

  • You first login to the PBX as system admin
  • Type the following on the address bar of the browser -http://pbx_IP_address/reg_status.htm?save=save
  • Follow the same syntax for other variables too.