Setting RTP Streaming with Easy on hold
  • 04 Feb 2021
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Setting RTP Streaming with Easy on hold

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Article Summary

Streaming music to your Vodia PBX server is now easier with Easy on hold. This works across all domains if you're using the Vodia multi-tenant PBX or if your using the Vodia PBX is on the premise.

To start configuring your Easy on hold services with Vodia, you'll need an account, start here

Easy on hold will provide you with an IP and port where the streaming services will be activated, Vodia will be listening on that particular port assigned on the PBX.


If you have an active firewall, then you will need to allow the Easy on hold streaming port on your firewall rule. Ex 40000/UDP

Setting up Music on hold streaming

Administrator Level

Navigate to customize ---> Music on hold

Choose the following settings

Name: Name of the streaming service

Type: RTP stream

Domain: All or you can choose a domain

Port: Port number for Easy on hold

Codec: Big Indian format

Save the configuration


Assigning music on hold

In this section, we will show how to choose your music on hold source for Easy on hold


Navigate to settings --> General settings --> Music on hold

Choose Easy on hold source and save the configuration.

To test simply make or receive a call and put the call on hold.


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