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Maintenance Plans


Maintenance Plans

Software keeps getting better with every new build. The Vodia PBX is no exception. The Vodia maintenance plans provide you access to the latest versions, regardless of the version number. You decide when you want to upgrade your software, there is no automatic download that might surprise you when you come to the office in the morning. Make sure that it stays up to date:

  • Get the latest features and add-on's for the PBX. Many small and big features are included in the software updates. This will help you keeping your phone calls better or shorter and your company more productive. Check our Release Notes for the latest changes.
  • Apply the latest security fixes. Not only the software gets better. Hackers and criminals find new ways to take advantage of your IT systems and may cause significant damage to your business. Keeping your software up-to-date helps reducing this risk and avoid unneccessary damage.
  • Individual fixes. If you need a fix specifically for a problem that occured in your environment you will need to have a license that is covered with a maintenance plan.

When you buy a bundle, it includes a 12-month maintenance period after purchase. After that, maintenance plans cover a period of additional 12 months from software updates. You can purchase more than one maintenance plan for a license, so that it will cover several years where you can keep your software license up to date.

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