How to Backup the PBX
  • 30 Apr 2021
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How to Backup the PBX

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Article Summary

There are various ways in which PBX can be backed up.

Prerequisites for a successful backup

  • Ensure that your server has enough space to accomodate the backup folder's contents. If the same server is going to be used for the backup.
  • The root user needs to go to the working directory of where the PBX has been installed.
  • Copy the entire contents of the working directory at a secure location on the same server or, SCP / FTP can be used and the folder can be zipped and copied onto another server, for added security and redundancy.
  • This process may take a while depending on the sizes of the files / folder inside the working directory.
  • The usual folder that takes up the most amount of memory space are pcap, recordings and sometimes cdr | cdrt | cdri | cdre (4 folders dedicated to call logs / history).
  • Depending upon your needs, you can choose to either empty these folders before creating a backup or copy rest of the folders (which are more crucial to running of the PBX) and copy the heavy folders at a later time. This is only advisable if the backup is done at the last minute

Process pertaining to different OS (Full system level backup)

Windows -

  • The default working directory is usually under C:\Program Files\Vodia Networks\Vodia PBX
  • Then, copy the entire folder to another location of choice.

Linux / Unix -

  • The default working directory is usually /usr/local/pbx
  • Navigate to the working directory and fire the following command to copy the entire folder along with it's contents :
    • sudo cp -r /usr/local/pbx/ folder/of/your/choice/

Mac -

Domain level backup

  • Log in into the PBX and enlisting all the domains.
  • Click on the "download" button seen on the right hand side of the name of each domain.
  • The file downloads in ".tar" format.
  • This file can be then later be used to upload on the new PBX.
  • On the new PBX, just hit Create domain > Name the new domain > Upload the tar file.

Backup from the PBX GUI

  • This particular backup options is only available for the IO and IOP devices.
  • Because this backup happens over the HTTP connection, any of the heavy files over 1 MB might just crash the browser rendinering the backup unsuccessful for any PBX which is run on anything other than the IOP or the IO device.

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