Creating a Trunk

  • Go to your selected domain in the Vodia PBX interface.
  • A pop up window would give you a chance to enter the details in the new GUI.
  • Click on VoIP Providers to create a SIP trunk or PSTN Devices to create a connection to a VoIP gateway as shown above.
  • Choose the "Provider" or "Vendor" from the dropdown box. Many are provided, but if you don't find one, choose "Other".
  • Now enter the credentials of the trunk like, "Name", which is the name of the trunk which you can use throughout the system for different operations, like in dial plan etc., "User name (for sip registration)", "Password (e.g. "secret")", "Password (repeat)", "Destination for incoming calls", which tells the trunk where the call from this trunk should go (e.g. it can be set to go to a specific account like Auto Attendant etc.).
  • Remember you can change all these settings later on.
  • Press Create.
  • The trunk will appear in the list of trunks above. You can click on any of them to get in and change the settings.
  • You can also Delete, Disable or Enable any of the trunks by selecting it and pressing the relevant key. But please be careful, all information about the trunk will be lost when you delete it.