Telephone Ports

General Settings

Domain: User can select the domain name to which they need to assign the following Analog or DECT ports.

DECT RF: If the user requires the Dect to search for the base station to be on or off.

DECT frequency region: The DECT frequency region to be set to US or EU frequency.


Analog Ports

FXS(s) - We have the ability to assign one or both the FXS extensions ( which has separate extension number 46 and 47 ) as FAX extensions.


DECT Ports

By default we support 6 Dect ports to which each of the extensions from # 40 - 45 can be assigned. If you have a license which lets you create multiple extensions, then you can use a (recommended: PoE) switch and attach as many extensions to the IO as needed (ethernet connectivity). Or you can assign multiple extensions as well via LAN provisioning.

The recommended simultaneous calls that the IO can support is 16, ideally. Let us know if you're planning for higher call volume and we can suggest further measures.

Note: We highly recommend to use the same extension number which using the Router IO as creating custom extension number has created irreversible hardware issues in the past.