Router Firmware Upgrade

Steps for upgrading the router firmware:

  1. Make sure that you've taken screenshots of your settings of the router before beginning with this process.
  2. The latest version for updating the router firmware image is: 
  3. The images made after 4th of April 2019 need a hard reset of the IO device for it to take effect. If the reset is not performed, then the common occurrence is that the device will keep rebooting on loop.
  4. In order to avoid that, keep a pin handy and perform the following on the device.
    1. Power the device off and then enter the pin in the "reset hole" and at the same time power the device on, and keep the pin in until you see "reset" displayed on the screen, and then take the pin off.
  5. The device should come back online and be ready to go.
  6. If you want to upgrade the PBX software version along with it, make sure that you do that BEFORE you do the router firmware upgrade so that the process is smooth.