Panasonic Phones

Supported models

The following models are supported:

  • KX-UT113
  • KX-UT123
  • KX-UT133
  • KX-UT136
  • KX-UT248
  • KX-UT670
  • KX-UTG200B
  • KX-UTG300B

Panasonic phone provisioning requires version 63.1 or higher.

Supported features

The following features are supported:

  • LAN provisioning: Phone in the LAN can be provisioned through the web interface of the PBX. However because by default the phones don't have their web server enabled, this requires a manual enabling of the web server. Re-provisioning the phones from the PBX works.
  • Buttons: The PBX can provision the buttons of the phones. BLF modes and speed dial is supported, other modes are not available.
  • Transport layer: TCP and UDP are supported; TLS requires the provisioning of the certificate which is not done automatically but possible.
  • Localization: Most of the time zones should be working fine. Currently only English language is provisioned on the phone, but of course the IVR can be any language.
  • Basic features: Basic features like making calls, message waiting indication are working fine.