PNP M9 Phonebook Integration

How can I integrate the phonebook into the M9?

In difference to the desktop-phones the phonebook is not automatically integrated in the M9 during provisioning for the moment (planned for future releases).

The address-book could be integrated via the LDAP-server provided by the Vodia PBX.

The following steps are required to alter the auto-provisioning for M9 for that the Vodia PBX LDAP-server is used as phonebook-server automatically:

  • Please make sure your m9 has the firmware version greater than 9.4.12
  • Login to your PBX
  • Change to system-administrator-level (by clicking "Admin") if you aren't already
  • Navigate to Admin->Web Page Control->Templates page
  • From the dropdown-menu select "snom_m9_settings.xml"
  • Search for {loop-start 1} and {loop-end}
  • Between {loop-start 1} and {loop-end} add the following lines:
<user_ldap_base perm="RW" idx="{lc}">ou=people</user_ldap_base>
<user_ldap_display_name perm="RW" idx="{lc}">%cn</user_ldap_display_name>
<user_ldap_max_hits perm="RW" idx="{lc}">50</user_ldap_max_hits>
<user_ldap_name_attributes perm="RW" idx="{lc}">cn</user_ldap_name_attributes>
<user_ldap_name_filter perm="RW" idx="{lc}">(cn=%)</user_ldap_name_filter>
<user_ldap_number_attributes perm="RW" idx="{lc}">telephoneNumber mobileTelephoneNumber</user_ldap_number_attributes>
<user_ldap_number_filter perm="RW" idx="{lc}">(telephoneNumber=%)</user_ldap_number_filter>
<user_ldap_outgoing_phonebook perm="RW" idx="{lc}">true</user_ldap_outgoing_phonebook>
<user_ldap_password perm="RW" idx="{lc}">{web-pass}</user_ldap_password>
<user_ldap_port perm="RW" idx="{lc}">{ldap-port}</user_ldap_port>
<user_ldap_server perm="RW" idx="{lc}">{ip-adr}</user_ldap_server>
<user_ldap_username perm="RW" idx="{lc}">{domain}{account}</user_ldap_username>

After you have done this, reboot your M9-base.

After it is up again, you should be able to access the address-book over you handset by selecting the "book"-icon in the menu.