Obtaining a License

In order to create accounts or make calls on the PBX you will need a license code. The license management is available from the vodia backend, which is available at Before you can use the portal, you will have to register an account there.

Registration step 1

After registering, you will receive an email with a confirmation link. After your have successfully registered, you can navigate to License Purchase to get an activation code. If you just want to try out the PBX, you can just get a Standard license with 4 concurrent calls. This license will have not all features, but you should be able to register phones and make calls. For more information visit the software page on You can purchase licenses with more features from the same page. After you click the  button, you will get the license code. The code contains 12 digits and has the form 5XX-XXX-XXX-XXX. The dashes are used for readability. On the same page you can also manage your license, which includes canceling the license, changing the form of payment or changing the license. 

Retrieving a new license code.

Activating Your License

In order to use your license you will have to log into your PBX and copy the code there. You might have to first accept the license agreement; then the web interface will take you to the license page where you can copy your license key and press the  button. The system will reach out to the license server and fetch the license that you have generated from the portal. After a few seconds, you should see the license status on the screen. The maintenance line indicates the date until which you can use software updates build by Vodia. This information might roll into the future every time the PBX fetches an updated license from the portal, especially if you have chosen a software license subscription.

Activating the license

After activating the license navigate to the status web page to validate your license (Status/General). There you should see the current license information. If there are items in the license that have an expiration date, the license duration will show the duration for those items. It does not mean that the license as a whole will necessarily expire; it is an indication that one or more items will expire. 

Troubleshooting License Activation

Activating the license is often the first step for the PBX to communicate with the Internet. If the license activation does not work, this is a sign that there is something not right with the license. Here are a few items that you can check when the license activation did not work.

  1. Make sure that you have a valid license code. A license code looks like 5XX-XXX-XXX-XXX. You can verify that you have a valid license code in the Vodia Portal in the section for your licenses. You should see what type of license has been issued.
  2. Make sure the server can communicate to The PBX needs to communicate to the license server.
    • Check in the DNS Cache page that the PBX was able to resolve the DNS address to a valid IPv4 address. If this is not the case, check what DNS server was set up for the server.
    • If you are using Vodia IO and you have connected the device to a LAN, make sure that you use different local subnets (, so that the subnet of Vodia IO is different from the subnet that is used in the LAN.
    • Make sure that your PBX is not blocked by the firewall. If you firewall blocks the traffic, make sure that it can at least talk to The X.509 certificate for was issued by the Vodia Root CA. Make sure that your firewall does not block sites that are using that Root CA.
  3. License key is bound to the server. You can use a license code only for one server. If you use a key for different server you must make sure that the first server does not use the key and more and wait at least 24 hours before you can use the key on another server. 
  4. Check the log. The PBX log may contain additional messages that help finding the problem. You can turn the log level for the web client up to see the communication with the license server. If you suspect problems with the TLS, you can as well turn the log level for TLS up. After you are done with the troubleshooting remember to turn down the log levels, so that the PBX does not have to log unnecessary messages.

Resetting your license

In some cases you will want to move your license to another server. A typical example is when the server for which the license was purchased breaks down and the PBX needs to be moved to another server. For concurrent call licenses, this will require that you turn off your old server for 24 hours and then turn on the new server.

For older extension-based licenses resetting your can be done on your Vodia PBX user portal. By default you can reset the license only once—you will have to purchase a new license if you want to move the license to a new device (the license is bound to hardware). This service is available around the clock; you don't have to talk to a person to move the license. In order to reset the license navigate to your licenses and click on the  button.