Gigaset phone provisioning


The PBX is able to automatically provision Gigaset phone devices through zero-touch LAN provisioning, DHCP option 66 and through manual entry of the provisioning URL on the phone.GUI.

When provisioning a Gigaset phone, we should first set the required settings on the PBX as shown in provisioning document Steps Before Provisioning.

It is important to note in the document "Steps Before Provisioning", how to map the MAC address of the phone to the PBX extension under the registration tab as shown again below.


Resetting your device



How to Factory Reset Gigaset Maxwell

  • Find the phone IP address.
  • Press the Control key Image removed. when the phone is idle, navigate to Settings > Info on the phone.
  • Log in the phone web interface with your password: admin.
  • Go to System > Reboot and Reset, click Reset to Factory Settings.