Dual NIC Environment

To get around any Plug and Play issues involved in configuring a snom ONE system deployed in a dual NIC environment, use the following instructions:

  1. Load Windows and disable the second NIC before you install snom ONE.
  2. Install snom ONE, update it, and provision all the phones.
  3. Use only the Bind to specific IP address in the port settings and set it to the address of your first NIC before you activate the second NIC.
  4. Once all of the phones have been provisioned, activate the second NIC.
  5. When inputting the IP address for the second NIC, enter only the IP address and the subnet mask. Do not enter a gateway or DNS server address.
  6. From the OS command line, create a static route for the address of your ISP’s SIP server to what would be the gateway address of the second NIC and make it pervasive.
  7. Reboot snom ONE.

If you want to provision more phones you have to kill the static route, disable the second NIC, reboot and provision manually. Plug and Play will not work once the second NIC has been activated, even if you deactivate it.