Template Parameter

Template parameter makes it easy to change values in templates without the need to change the phone templates themselves. This avoids conflicts when the templates are changed with the software updates. For example, parameters can be used to define the firmware path for certain phone models. If you want to use the PBX to serve the firmware files, follow these simple steps. 

 Create a TFTP folder in the Vodia working directory
  • If your deployment is Windows, create a TFTP folder in the working directory of the Vodia PBX at the following path: C:\Program Files\Vodia Networks\Vodia PBX  
  • If your deployment is Linux, create a TFTP folder in the working directory of the Vodia PBX at the following path: usr/local/PBX

Store the phone's bin files in the TFTP folder in their respective name format. Enter the following URL for each of the phones under Value. example http://pbx/tftp/firmware.bin

Check with the phone's vendor in order to ensure that you have the correct name and format for the phone's firmware file.