Cyberdata Provisioning

Supported Devices and Features

Because of the nature of the devices, the provisioning is similar for all devices. There are no button profiles and there are no display images to be generated, which makes provisioning straightforward. The PBX detects a few devices names, such as "SIP Speaker, "SIP Paging Server", or "SIP Outdoor Horn". However the device names are not very important.

The provisioning profiles sets the admin username and password, the SIP credentials and the timezone information. The PBX supports the multicast modes for the devices, which is very useful when there are many devices in the LAN. 

LAN Provisioning

If the PBX and the Cyberdata devices are in the same network, the PBX will be able to automatically detect new devices as they are plugged into the network. In that case, you can follow the standard procedure for registering new devices in the LAN.

WAN Provisioning

If LAN provisioning is not possible, you will have to set the devices up manually. You can just set the address for the PBX as the autoprovisioning server and as filename cyberdata-xxxxxxxxxxxx.xml where xxx is the MAC address of the device. After setting the provisioning server address, you will have to start the pairing on the PBX (e.g. by adding the MAC address to the extension) and reboot the device.