Customized Ringtones

Ringtones can be customized using two different methods: (1) via the PBX so that users have additional ringtones in the Ring Melody dropdown from certain accounts, or (2) via the web interface of the phone, wherein a single identity can be configured to use a specific ringtone. This documentation covers only (1); for using the phone features please use the phones documentation.

Adding a Ring Tone to the Dropdown

Agent groups and hunt groups can be configured with distinct ringtones so that users answering calls on these groups will be able to determine which type of call is coming in. Once custom ringtones have been configured, they can be selected from the Ring Melody dropdown in the hunt group and agent group accounts.


  1. Create a folder named ringtones within the PBX tftp folder.


    2. Place the .wav file inside the ringtones file.


     3. From within the PBX web interface, click the Web Page Control tab.

     4. From the dropdown at the right click ringtones.xml (see image below).


     5. Change the element (which currently custom) to the ringtone name that you would like to see in the dropdown. In the example shown below, Chimes has been used.


     6. Change the element tag. In this field, enter the URL where you have placed the file or where the file will be going. Be careful not to delete the &lt and &gt that surround the URL. Important: If the phone you are configuring the customized ringtone for is on the same LAN as your PBX, you can use the IP of the PBX in the URL shown below. If it's n the WAN, you can use either the IP address of the PBX or the domain name. The domain name must be resolvable; i.e., it must have a DNS record (localhost and are not resolvable domain names).


   7. Save and close the file.

   8. Restart the PBX and log back in. All agent group and hunt group accounts now reflect the new ring melody in the Ring Melody dropdown.