Salesforce Integration (CTI)

Vodia PBX can now be integrated with Salesforce using the CTI method as well. Vodia Networks being one of the very few companies to succesfully achieve this integration. To make work flow easier, when a call comes in, the PBX will try to find that contact in the Salesforce account of the user who received the call. If found, the call will be logged in Salesforce database under that contact found in the user's account and a pop-up through the Salesforce web interface will inform the user. The user can click on the pop-up to go directly to the contact page to enter any details in the call (task) that has already been logged. The same is true of outgoing calls (if the contact is present in the account), since the user may want to enter some details for outgoing calls as well. Both incoming and outgoing calls are marked as such in their subject.

How to set up the integration

  • The Salesforce CTI integration with Vodia networks is only Available in either of these options Professional, Enterprise, Performance,Unlimited, and Developer Editions.
  • Initiate the integration by opening the template file from here.
  • Right click, download the file, edit (as shown below) and then save it.
  • Firstly, open the file using an editor and edit the URL in Sortorder=2 section to, the URL of your pbx. For example https://pbx_ip:port_number/usr_portal.htm. Save the file.
  • Login into your salesforce account using your credentials and click on Setup on the right hand top corner.
  • Search for call center in the quick search bar in the left top corner.
  • Click on (without selecting anything).
  • Click on and import the file vodiacenter.xml (which was just edited).
  • Click on
  • Click on. (P.S. Click on if it's unable to locate the users)
  • Select the name you desire to add to call center by, selecting them.
  • Until this point make sure, you are under Classic view to go further.
  • Click on Setup from top right.
  • Under left navigation bar, go to Build > Create > Apps
  • Select New > Console > Next and Give the App label and App name of your choice. Also, insert the image of your choice.
  • Add all the "Available items" into "Selected items" you would like. For eg. Home, Account, Campaign
  • Click twice to end up on Profile selection page.
  • Select all the 'Classes' you want the 'Vodia App' to be visible on.
  • Click on and, under drop down options on top right corner, the new profile name created should be visible.
  • Click on it, and select Contacts in top left and go to My Contacts to start making calls. You can see the Vodia WebRTC Phone in the bottom right. You now have the Vodia App integrated successfully now. Login into its user portal.
  • Make sure, you remain signed in to your user portal of the Vodia PBX to receive pop-ups regarding salesforce contacts. So always login to your user (webRTC) portal of the PBX first and keep it signed in.
  • After the integration is complete, before making calls, refresh the Salesforce page once. Every time the call doesn't go through, even when everything looks fine, try to refresh the page and give it another try.

Steps to get the Salesforce integration working with Vodia WebRTC.

Important Note: You should see the Console option on the above page. If you don't, then either you are not in the Professional, Enterprise, Performance,Unlimited, and Developer Editions or, you don't have the license from SalesForce. Please contact Salesforce Support in this case.